David A. Carroll

March 18, 2019
David A. Carroll
I entered the practice of law with the goal of helping my clients to obtain the results they desire. However, I did not originally appreciate that we, and more specifically my clients, don’t always know what we want. Now, after 23 years of working as a lawyer, I have gained the knowledge and insight needed to help my clients and me to determine their goals and then how to achieve them. As a young lawyer, I was no holds barred, and win at all costs. Now, as a more mature attorney, I am better able to counsel my clients to establish appropriate goals and develop a strong strategy to reach those objectives. I consider all of the needs and issues of my clients as a global person and not merely a client with a single interest of a particular litigation. I take the time needed to listen carefully and completely to what my client is saying and often what they are failing to say. I often give advice to clients that does not require formal litigation. At other times, I recommend litigation because that is what is needed.
I attended Tate High School in Cantonment, Florida where I graduated. I then attended Pensacola Junior College, now Pensacola State College where I studied government and prepared for Florida State University. I graduated from the Florida State University (go Noles) in 1988. While at Florida State, I participated in an internship program and developed a weekly reporting procedure. The Dean of the Political Science Department,  at FSU, later adopted features of my reports and made them a standard requirement for all students that followed.
       At Florida State University I was fortunate enough to participate in the following:
       Member, FSU Political Science Department Policy Planning Committee
       President, Pi Sigma Alpha - The International Political Science Honor Society
       Vice President, The Political Science Association
       Chairman, Political Science Student Grade Appeals Board
I worked for a couple of years before Law School. I was employed by the Florida Republican Party as a researcher. I later worked as a Legislative Aide to a Florida State House Member, Robert Harden, in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. I also worked as a Legislative Analyst for the Senate Minority (Republican) Office in the Florida Capital. As a Legislative Analyst, I researched proposed laws, wrote summaries of the laws and disseminated my evaluations to the minority members of the Florida Senate.
I started Law School in 1989 at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock where Bill Clinton would soon run for President. While President Clinton and I don’t agree on many issues, we both agree that he did an outstanding job as Governor of Arkansas, and as an adjunct professor at my law school, to promote legal education in Arkansas. I graduated in 1992.
       While at Law School I was fortunate enough to participate in:
       Elected Student Body President for the Law School in 1990
       Elected Chief Justice of the Honor Court for Law School 1991
       Elected Class Representative for first year of Law School 1989
       Member of the Pi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity
I opened my first legal office in Little Rock, AR in 1992. While there, I became Legal Counsel for the state for the Arkansas State Jaycees. I also created a television program through cooperation with a local minority television station. The purpose of the show was to educate the public on legal issues and the legal system. I would interview various guest to describe what they do, such as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Arkansas. I brought other guest to help me teach areas of the law, like family law, custody, personal injury, land lord and tenant disputes among other things.
       Solo Practice Attorney concentrating in Family Law
       Arkansas Law Talk with David Carroll - Television Program
       Legal Counsel - State of Arkansas Jaycees.
I returned to my hometown of Pensacola in 1994 to start a legal practice here. I love Pensacola, and found that this is where I belong, this is where I am attached, this is where I want to live. I passed the Florida Bar in 1995 and opened my practice that same year. I have worked as a solo practice attorney concentrating in family law issues for my entire career. I firmly believe that people are “wired” to be stronger in some areas rather than others. I happen to be wired for family law, my brother is wired by accounting and numbers. You are likely wired a certain way. I am a family law attorney.
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