The Escambia - Santa Rosa Bar Association (ESRBA) Mentoring Program is designed to provide guidance to those recently admitted to the Florida Bar and provide participants with an opportunity to form mutually beneficial relationships that foster professional growth and career development. By harnessing the experience of highly principled, successful practitioners, new Florida Bar members will be offered a resource sparing them from experiencing many of the pitfalls that result from a lack of familiarity with the practice of law in Florida.


Practically, the mentor/mentee relationship should bridge the gap between law school and the practice of law by providing guidance in the new lawyer's professional conduct and promoting a sense of pride in being a practicing lawyer. The qualities of an excellent lawyer include evidencing good character, exhibiting competence in the practice of law, and establishing a commitment to clients, the profession and the judicial system. The mentoring program, through assigned mentor/mentee relationships, seeks to facilitate the newly admitted lawyer's attainment of these attributes.


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