ID Badge Program

ESRBA Escambia County Courthouse ID Badge Program was created based on ESRBA member feedback concerning the requirement to remove belts and wrist watches when entering the M.C. Blanchard Judicial Building and the Theodore Bruno Juvenile Justice Center.
ID Badges are only available to ESRBA members. For information of membership, click here.  
After obtaining an ID Badge from the ESRBA, participants will no longer be required to remove belts and wrist watches when entering the Escambia County Courthouses upon presenting the badge to security personnel.  Badge holders will still be required to pass through the metal detector and have briefcases and other personal items scanned.
To obtain your ID Badge, download the application and return in to the ESRBA office with payment.  For badge consistency, you will be required to have a new photograph taken.  ESRBA has arranged with Michael Smith Photography to take the photographs and ProLegal Discovery Solutions to produce the badges.
Please contact the ESRBA office at 434-8135, or email if you have any questions.