October 19, 2020

R. John Westberry

R. John Westberry served in the U.S. Marines and the Marine Reserves for 26 years. He was admitted to the Alabama Bar in 1974 and to the Florida Bar in 1977. Mr. Westberry has been in the private practice of law for over 38 years and has handled a variety of cases. Since 2002, Mr. Westberry’s practice has been focused on matters involving Labor and Employment, Worker’s Compensations, Family Law and Civil Mediations.
Mr. Westberry became Board Certified in Labor and Employment Law with the Florida Bar in 2005, and was recertified in 2010. Mr. Westberry is also a Florida Board Certified Civil Mediator. He was certified in 2010, and is currently expanding this area of his practice.


In 2011, Mr. Westberry welcomed his daughter and son-in-law, Mr. Clayton Connors, back to Florida after having resided in Louisiana since 1995. In 2012, Mr. Westberry and Mr. Connors formed the law firm of Westberry & Connors, LLC.
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