Kathleen E. Anderson

Kathleen E. Anderson
Kathleen E. Anderson
Kathleen Anderson
16 West LaRua Street
Pensacola, FL 32501
P: 850-433-3222
E: kealaw@kathleenandersonlaw.com

Attorney Kathleen Anderson has been practicing marital and family law for over 30 years. She received her board certification in 1993, and has maintained her board certification for 20 years. Currently, there are only 280 board certified marital and family law attorneys in the state of Florida. Ms. Anderson specializes in cases of divorce, (alimony, child support, and timesharing of children), and paternity.

Ms. Anderson graduated sum cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Florida in 1981; she graduated from the University of Florida, College of Law in 1983.

Ms. Anderson has spoken at several seminars locally in Pensacola, FL as well as state-wide. She has also served on the Board Certification Committee for the state of Florida.

Ms. Anderson has excelled as an attorney in marital and family law over the last 30 years by establishing herself as a much sought-after advocate for divorce and child support/paternity cases.

“Lawyers should know the law, clients know the facts. The application of law to the facts is the lawyers job. If you aren’t listening to the client, then you only have half of what you need to prevail in a case, ” says Ms. Anderson.